Monday, 28 March 2016

Why can't we all just get along?

Over Easter family gatherings, there have been some conversations about the upcoming movie, "Batman vs. Superman"  The video below was recommended to me on the topic :)  Is there a reason why the two super heros couldn't join forces and be an unstoppable superhero duo?  Maybe superman and his brightly coloured spandex suit reminds batman of his past with robin, and maybe there was a painful falling out.  Maybe there's more to the story than I know.  But my initial reaction to a movie title such as this is why can't we just get along?  and where do I get the fire-bagpipes?

Friday, 25 March 2016

Dear Mrs. Insertional Patellar Tendonitis

Date: Friday March 25, 2016


 Mrs. Insertional Patellar Tendonitis
Currently taking temporary residence in Lisa Leskien’s left knee

                Many attempts have been made to vacate you from the premises.  You are herby notified to vacate the premises described above within (3) days of the date of delivery of this notice to you.  Your lease was terminated when you failed to allow Lisa to run without nagging, annoying pain.  You have been highly disruptive to her training and racing schedule and therefore your immediate eviction is necessary.  If you fail to vacate the premises within this period, court proceedings will be taken  IMMEDIATELY to evict you from the premises.

Lisa Leskien


Clara is a proud Bunny Hopper

   Clara ran in the 1k Bunny hop road race today.  It's part of the Good Friday road races, held every Good Friday in Burlington.  Clara joined over 250 kids as they lined up at the start.  They started the race in waves, letting the 10-12 year olds run first, and then had multiple waves of starters after that.  We were somewhere in the middle.

   Clara was so excited to run.  When the race began, she set a good pace and stayed with the group of kids around her.  As the race went on, the group broke apart, some kids taking walking breaks, and Clara continued to run.  She ran steady the entire way and increased her speed at the end - she loved that she got to run through the "bouncy castle" (inflatable finish line).  To be able to have the patience to pace herself and then speed up to finish was impressive - she's 5!  She had a giant smile on her face the entire time and she said, "Thank you!" to the spectators who were cheering her on.  I see the beginnings of a distance runner in her.  Clara kept saying, "That was so much fun Mommy!"  I could barely contain how proud and happy I was for her.  I know how running well in a race feels, and she got to enjoy that feeling of pride and accomplishment today.  Congratulations Clara on your fantastic run.  Within the first 10 minutes of our car ride home, she ate her chocolate medal:)  Way to go Clara!
Photo credit: George Aitkin

Thursday, 24 March 2016

It's my first Blogiversary!

   It has been a year since I wrote my first post on this blog (March 22, 2015).  I started this blog because I wanted to celebrate the all the good things in my life. At the time, I had no idea how long the blog would last or if I would have enough material to keep it going.  It turns out, that I didn't have to worry about that.  As I look back at it, it has been just a fantastic year.  I have tried a lot of new things (and documented most of them here in this blog).  Here's a list of the awesomeness that was this blog year:
  • Hosted a Rock your socks run
  • Ran with my one-and-a-half year-old daughter in her first race 
  • Started doing hot yoga 
  • Hired a coach 
  • Had a huge PB in the half marathon
  • My husband and I took our 3 young kids on our first big family vacation to the Azores 
  • Won an Ultra trail race outright
  • Represented Canada and competed in the World 100k Championships in the Netherlands
  • Qualified for the 100k National team in 2016 
  • Tried snowshoe running
  • I have several awesome sponsors (Thank you CLIF bar, Dion Snowshoes, Coronation Chiropractic and Massage, and Sharon Rutledge Naturopath)
  • Ran my first snowshoe race (placed 3rd among the women)
  • Was 1st woman in my second snowshoe race
  • Ella won at the regional level in a Remembrance Day art contest
  • Runner up in the Woman's division of the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running series
   So to everyone who has been reading-  Thank you for sharing these special moments with me.  Thanks for the encouraging words and the support over the past year.   It has been a wonderful year.  Here's to the next one (and the next and the next).

Monday, 21 March 2016

Rock your socks on World Down Syndrome Day!

This is for you Oli!  We rocked our socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.  You rock Oli!  We love you.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

An entire day of painting with Ella

     The cast and crew of my school's production of Aladdin have been working really hard preparing for the performances in mid-April.  It was my turn to add my contribution - I designed the backdrop for the set.  Ella helped with the early stages of the drawing, and she was so excited to come with me on Wednesday and help paint the huge backdrop.  Ella, Allie (the super-talented teacher/director of the play), Missy, and myself came into the school and worked all day painting to get the backdrop done.  By 4pm we had finished.  5 minutes into our drive back to Cambridge, Ella was quiet, so I said, "Painting all day is exhausting eh?" I looked back, and Ella was sleeping :)  A fun day of us getting covered in paint, and making gigantic artwork together.  Loved it!

     The best part is- seeing it up will get everyone excited about the upcoming performances.  Good luck Aladdin cast and crew.  Can't wait for the show!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Egg disappointment

On our first day home together for March break, Clara really wanted me to cook her hard-boiled eggs, so I happily fulfilled her request (a healthy food request is rare for Clara!)  So my two oldest girls were peeling their eggs at the table, and I asked my 2 year-old if she would like one.  She was VERY excited about it.  She said, "Yay Mommy!  Easter eggs!"  I thought the response was a bit extreme for a cooked egg, but who knows, maybe the babysitter has given her boiled eggs and she has really developed a liking to them.  Well, I proceeded to peel the egg and Tessa's expression turned to disappointment and then frustration.  "Mommy!  That's not chocolate!"  No it's not, and in Tessa's world all eggs are chocolate Easter eggs.  What a wonderful world - although she didn't get a chocolate egg today.  That's coming in the next few weeks.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Snow day = Snowshoe Day!!!

This is how excited I feel about this.  Yay!  Snowday for me, my teacher friends and my students.  On the agenda today, catch up on laundry, tidy the house, put something into the slowcooker, mark a math quiz and get outside in the deep snow and go for a snowshoe run.  Have a great snowday everyone!