Friday, 25 March 2016

Clara is a proud Bunny Hopper

   Clara ran in the 1k Bunny hop road race today.  It's part of the Good Friday road races, held every Good Friday in Burlington.  Clara joined over 250 kids as they lined up at the start.  They started the race in waves, letting the 10-12 year olds run first, and then had multiple waves of starters after that.  We were somewhere in the middle.

   Clara was so excited to run.  When the race began, she set a good pace and stayed with the group of kids around her.  As the race went on, the group broke apart, some kids taking walking breaks, and Clara continued to run.  She ran steady the entire way and increased her speed at the end - she loved that she got to run through the "bouncy castle" (inflatable finish line).  To be able to have the patience to pace herself and then speed up to finish was impressive - she's 5!  She had a giant smile on her face the entire time and she said, "Thank you!" to the spectators who were cheering her on.  I see the beginnings of a distance runner in her.  Clara kept saying, "That was so much fun Mommy!"  I could barely contain how proud and happy I was for her.  I know how running well in a race feels, and she got to enjoy that feeling of pride and accomplishment today.  Congratulations Clara on your fantastic run.  Within the first 10 minutes of our car ride home, she ate her chocolate medal:)  Way to go Clara!
Photo credit: George Aitkin

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