Thursday, 30 November 2017

Grand Valley Trail End-to-End Report - Day 14 -November 19, 2017- Cayuga to Dunnville - To the lake and we're done!!!

Day 14 -November 19, 2017- Cayuga to the LAKE - 25.8k  to complete the Grand Valley Trail.  It felt so good to dip my hand into Lake Erie after finishing the last section of the 280k Grand Valley Trail.  It was fun running the entire length of the Grand River.  I feel grateful to share this experience with Greg. On this particular leg, we started hours after I had raced the local Jingle Bell 5k, so I was unsure of how my body was going to handle a long run after a hard effort.  I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't feel any different than I usually do on a long run day.  Thanks to my coach Derrick Spafford, for getting my fitness to a level where I could pull this off comfortably.  We started at the south side of Cayuga and parked near a couple of sandhill cranes who were squawking and doing  this weird wing-flapping thing. Those are cool birds - always nice to see.  This section was mostly gravel country roads with some very muddy and rutty ATV trails.  We encountered 5 farm dogs and got chased by one that was stopped by a very flimsy-looking fence - we were glad that was enough to stop the giant dog.  As the run went on, we completely ran out of daylight.  The sun set as we approached the lake and we got a few very dark finishing photos.

Thank you Greg for sharing this amazing experience with me.  Thanks to CLIF bar for keeping us fuelled and happy during every leg of this 280km journey.  Thanks to the Grand Valley Trail volunteers and property owners for making it possible for us to enjoy the trails.

Grand Valley Trail End-to-End Report - Day 13 -November 5, 2017- Cayuga

Day 13 -November 5, 2017.  20.1k Through Cayuga to somewhere between Cayuga and Dunnville.  Only 25.6 more kilometers to go. One more run! Woo hoo.  It was pouring when we started but the rain lightened as we ran.  Only a few short trail sections this time, most of the run was on country roads.  I wasn't feeling great this morning. Stomach was bothering me on the drive and at the beginning of the run, but got better as I was running.  I tried my new Ultraspire running vest. I loved it. It didn't move at all.  I have upgraded from my annoying fanny pack to high-tech Ultraspire running vest.

Grand Valley Trail End-to-End Report - Day 12 -October 9 , 2017- Onondaga to Cayuga

Day 12 -October 9 , 2017-  Onondaga to Cayuga  30.1k  We started in Onondaga, ran through Caledonia, York and ended in Cayuga.  All went well for me. Greg ran into some difficulty at 20k, but got through it. Some parts were super muddy and our shoes were like bricks. I also got covered in burrs.  A nice route. Nothing too technical or hilly, but at one point there was a rope that we used to get down a steep hill :) Only 49k (and 2 runs) left!!!

Grand Valley Trail End-to-End Report - Day 11 - September 16, 2017- Brantford to Onondaga

Day 11 - September 16, 2017- Brantford to Onondaga 21.8k.  This was a fun run. Not much single track, but lots of river views. We ran down this really quiet gravel road that followed the river for a lot of the run. It was beautiful.  Also we saw some interesting things as we were running along- a rusted out vw beetle and a freaky sign that made us nervous to get lost in that area. Greg and I both had a great run.