Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Grand Valley Trail End-to-End Report - Day 1 - July 2, 2017 - Let the fun begin!

For our 13th Wedding Anniversary, I decided to surprise my husband with a completely planned-out mission to compete the Grand Valley Trail - a 280km trail that follows the entire length of the Grand River.  My plan was to run sections of the trail in 20-25km legs until we had completed the entire trail.  We had wanted to run this trail for a few years and this was the year we were going to do it!  So for our anniversary, I shared my plan with him, and he was all in.  With CLIF bar snacks, we were off to explore the first part of the trail together.

July 2, 2017.  We started at a look out on the property of the Millcroft inn in the town of Alton.  Greg and I ran 15k on hilly gravel roads in the mid-day sun, then the trail turned off into a farmers field for the next 4K. That last 4K took us FOREVER because there was no trail and we were playing "find the white blazes" in armpit-high grass.  We managed to do pretty well and got through it but it was completely unrunnable for most of the last part. Greg and I had a great time. I felt good - although I did have some stomach trouble because of the amazing brunch a few hours before. Worth it :) Leg 1 done. 260ish km to go. Next run will take us past Bellwood lake and stop at the Shand dam. 

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