Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Enjoying a Pinehurst training run - and heavy thunderstorms!

   Today we ran at Pinehurst for our Wednesday workout - and as we were driving to the park, we could hear rumbling thunder in the distance.  Greg, Steve, Doug and I hoped the thunder was headed a different direction so we continued to the park to begin our run.  We decided to run the "Run for the Toad" 12.5k loop. 10 minutes into our run, the sky opened up and it started pouring.  We could handle this, and we continued on our way.  A few kilometers later, thunder and lightning began and we decided to skip the middle "meadow" part of the course - because it was so open and we didn't want get struck by lightning - well, it would likely be Greg being struck - he's a foot taller than on all of us.  For Greg's sake we kept to the more sheltered areas, and cut the run a bit short when we were soaked and the rain showed no sign of stopping.  Steve and I picked up the pace and were able to get a few fast kms in on those rolling trails.  It was a fun run, even if our shoes wont dry out for days now.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Throw-back to 2008

Just for fun - here's a throw-back to 2008.  I was getting back in shape after having a baby the year before.  I put on 50lbs during that pregnancy and I had some work to do! I had given myself the goal of running a 50 miler, and I used that goal in my application for a year sponsorship with Nathan (Pearl Izumi and GU was in there too).  I was awarded one of the sponsorships, and I'm sporting the team uniform.  That explains my interesting wardrobe decisions :)  Below are pictures from the Sulphur Springs 50 mile race (my first and only 50 miler so far - finished 4th overall and 2nd female in 8:06).  I'm having a great time.  Hope to have a few races like that this year -minus the crazy clothes...or maybe not:)
Spotting Greg - somewhere along the way in the Sulphur Springs 50 mile race 2008

Finishing - sooo happy to see that finish line!

Sweet finish line - here I come!