Monday, 8 August 2016

Throw-back to 2008

Just for fun - here's a throw-back to 2008.  I was getting back in shape after having a baby the year before.  I put on 50lbs during that pregnancy and I had some work to do! I had given myself the goal of running a 50 miler, and I used that goal in my application for a year sponsorship with Nathan (Pearl Izumi and GU was in there too).  I was awarded one of the sponsorships, and I'm sporting the team uniform.  That explains my interesting wardrobe decisions :)  Below are pictures from the Sulphur Springs 50 mile race (my first and only 50 miler so far - finished 4th overall and 2nd female in 8:06).  I'm having a great time.  Hope to have a few races like that this year -minus the crazy clothes...or maybe not:)
Spotting Greg - somewhere along the way in the Sulphur Springs 50 mile race 2008

Finishing - sooo happy to see that finish line!

Sweet finish line - here I come!

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