Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sharon's officially an Ultrarunner! 50k from Brantford to Port Dover

Sharon ran her first 50k today.  She started at sunrise this morning on the rail trail in Brantford (which ends 52k later in Port Dover - Sharon ran an extra 2k).  Sharon completed the distance and is now an official ultra runner.  I had fun being her support crew along with her partner Nelson.  Aside from the squirrel vs. car incident -Nelson is still traumatized :) we had a great morning crewing for Sharon.  We drove ahead and  got out to cheer her on at different parts of the trail.  At 29k to 39k Nelson ran with Sharon.  Sharon reported later that she had a tough time with this part, and had some fueling and nausea issues, but she bounced back.  When I joined her from 39-52k, she was in better spirits and looking forward to running to the lake.  I joined her from the town of Simcoe to the finish at the lighthouse pier in Port Dover, and it was such a pretty trail.  Heavily-forested with streams running along-side the trail - just beautiful.  Thanks Sharon for sharing your special run with me.  That was a lot of fun.  Congratulations!

And lastly, no major running event is complete without some swag - I put this together for Sharon to celebrate the big day.

Nelson, this is for you: he's in shock, reading the obituaries about his woodland creature friend that you ran over with your squirrel death machine.

Triple Jack Skellingtons!

This year, Ella decided that she wanted to dress up as Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas, and Clara and Tessa wanted to be him too.  I crocheted the hats over the last few weeks.  Here they are posing for a pic before leaving for school yesterday. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

A little award from City Hall tonight

Tonight I got to do something special.  I was given an award for representing the city of Cambridge as a member of Canada's National Ultrarunning team that competed in the World 100k championships in Winschoten, The Netherlands this past September.   Thanks for the recognition, and I appreciate the award.  Also, thanks to Sharon for coming with me to the ceremony.  No matter how many of these ceremonies I go to, I still get nervous going up there.  Below are some pics of tonight's awards.  Here I am accepting the plaque from members of Cambridge city council...and more pics of Sharon and myself and Paula having a little fun after.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Oli is our family celebrity!

My sweet nephew Oli is appearing in a calendar celebrating people living with Down Syndrome.  Isn't he the cutest!!!  More info about buying the calendar will be available soon.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

PB=favourite beer!

Greg got a big PB today!  He ran the Vulture Bait 25k trail race in London, and had the goal of finishing in under 2 hours.  Well, he surpassed his goal and finished in a quick 1:54!  Yay Greg.  Congrats on your PB - and 7th overall finish. That was fun to see.  Steve Mota from the Harriers also ran and did fabulous - finished in 1:57 in 12th overall and 2nd in the 50+ age group.  We made it a family event, and the kids and I were popping out a different places on the course and hanging out at Fanshawe lake CA.  We went to a nearby Tims too, and had a lot of fun cheering Daddy and Steve on.    In our house PB = favourite beer celebration - so on the way home we made a quick stop, and I ran in and picked a few that I knew he would like.  He'll enjoy those as we watch our teams play tonight - first up Montreal vs. Detroit, then Edmonton vs. Calgary.  Congrats again Greg!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Confessions of a ultra running momma

I put body glide on my 4-month old baby's head.

When Tessa was 4 months-old, she would rub her head back and forth in her crib when she was putting herself to sleep.  I noticed that she had rubbed herself a bald-spot, and it was becoming so chafed that it was raw and bleeding a bit.  I immediately thought of how I would solve a chafing problem while running, and I thought of using Bodyglide on Tessa's head.  I applied the Bodyglide to Tessa's bald spot and put on a little cotton hat and layed her down to sleep.  She fell asleep quickly, and the bald spot soon disappeared.  Bodyglide for baby chafing!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Best 30 seconds of my day

Tessa's favourite song came on the radio and here she is taking a break from colouring to dance.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Yoga tour of Odense, Denmark with Sonja

   For the last two days of my quick Europe trip (where I ran the World 100k Championships), I traveled to Odense, Denmark with one of my best friends Sonja.  While I was there, Sonja and her husband Vincent gave me a tour of the town of Odense.  Odense is the birthplace of the most well-known Danish author - Hans Christian Andersen, and there was a lot of statues scattered around the downtown area in his honour.  Sonja and I decided that we do a different yoga pose in front of each statue that we came across.  I was still very sore from my recent race, so getting into those poses was a challenge, but we had a lot of fun.  Sonja and Vincent also took me to their favourite pub and we enjoyed some local brews and a bit of an interesting walk home :)
Sonja and myself showing our frustration at the constant delays we experienced while travelling from Winschoten, The Netherlands to Odense, Denmark (we are finally seated on our plane after a 2+ hour delay)

Our plane is about to take off - yay!
This is a digital bike traffic counter.  At 11am it recorded 2149 bikes have passed that morning.  Whoa!

2 story public bike parking

Bikes, Bikes everywhere!

Hans tree

Downward-facing Hans

Not sure what this pose is called

Runner's lunge for our pal Hans

That Hans-guy had big feet

Upward Hans

Our local brews - Sonja a light beer, Vincent a stout, me a raspberry beer

      Thank you Sonja and Vincent for giving me a warm and cozy place to stay for the last 2 nights of my trip.  It was great being in someone's home - rather than the bunker-style accommodations at athlete's village.  I hope to visit again soon.