Saturday, 10 October 2015

Yoga tour of Odense, Denmark with Sonja

   For the last two days of my quick Europe trip (where I ran the World 100k Championships), I traveled to Odense, Denmark with one of my best friends Sonja.  While I was there, Sonja and her husband Vincent gave me a tour of the town of Odense.  Odense is the birthplace of the most well-known Danish author - Hans Christian Andersen, and there was a lot of statues scattered around the downtown area in his honour.  Sonja and I decided that we do a different yoga pose in front of each statue that we came across.  I was still very sore from my recent race, so getting into those poses was a challenge, but we had a lot of fun.  Sonja and Vincent also took me to their favourite pub and we enjoyed some local brews and a bit of an interesting walk home :)
Sonja and myself showing our frustration at the constant delays we experienced while travelling from Winschoten, The Netherlands to Odense, Denmark (we are finally seated on our plane after a 2+ hour delay)

Our plane is about to take off - yay!
This is a digital bike traffic counter.  At 11am it recorded 2149 bikes have passed that morning.  Whoa!

2 story public bike parking

Bikes, Bikes everywhere!

Hans tree

Downward-facing Hans

Not sure what this pose is called

Runner's lunge for our pal Hans

That Hans-guy had big feet

Upward Hans

Our local brews - Sonja a light beer, Vincent a stout, me a raspberry beer

      Thank you Sonja and Vincent for giving me a warm and cozy place to stay for the last 2 nights of my trip.  It was great being in someone's home - rather than the bunker-style accommodations at athlete's village.  I hope to visit again soon.

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