Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sharon's officially an Ultrarunner! 50k from Brantford to Port Dover

Sharon ran her first 50k today.  She started at sunrise this morning on the rail trail in Brantford (which ends 52k later in Port Dover - Sharon ran an extra 2k).  Sharon completed the distance and is now an official ultra runner.  I had fun being her support crew along with her partner Nelson.  Aside from the squirrel vs. car incident -Nelson is still traumatized :) we had a great morning crewing for Sharon.  We drove ahead and  got out to cheer her on at different parts of the trail.  At 29k to 39k Nelson ran with Sharon.  Sharon reported later that she had a tough time with this part, and had some fueling and nausea issues, but she bounced back.  When I joined her from 39-52k, she was in better spirits and looking forward to running to the lake.  I joined her from the town of Simcoe to the finish at the lighthouse pier in Port Dover, and it was such a pretty trail.  Heavily-forested with streams running along-side the trail - just beautiful.  Thanks Sharon for sharing your special run with me.  That was a lot of fun.  Congratulations!

And lastly, no major running event is complete without some swag - I put this together for Sharon to celebrate the big day.

Nelson, this is for you: he's in shock, reading the obituaries about his woodland creature friend that you ran over with your squirrel death machine.


  1. I was traumatized with the squishing and yelping sound underneath the tires and you saying that the grey squirrel had been so happy with its nut and with its whole life ahead of it until I snuffed it out, calling me a murderer and heartless nature killer. OK, I might be recalling some of that incorrectly ;) I felt better when I realized it was destiny and all your fault and Holly's based on the beautiful card in the swag bag that had a grey squirrel near death reaching the finish line.

    Seriously, many thanks for supporting Sharon through her day and giving up a large chunk of your day.

  2. You're amazing! Thanks for the awesome swag bag and for sacrificing most of your Saturday so that you could drive around with Nelson "Squirrel Crusher" Coelho and listen to me whine. I couldn't have done it without you (Or that magical beverage that I shall not name, since they don't need the extra marketing. If they could bottle and sell the emotions that I experience after drinking their mystical elixir, they would have all the moneys.)

  3. Way to go, Sharon!! And R.I.P. little squirrel. And let me just say, the runner squirrel in the card makes it through the long race. I don't think I can say the same for the squirrel vs. car incident...