Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Grand Valley Trail End-to-End Report - Day 4 - August 5, 2017- Elora to the Kissing Bridge

Day 4 - August 5, 2017- Elora to the Kissing Bridge 20.1k   This run was so pretty - running with the Grand River in sight for most of the run. There were quite a few short bush whacking sections, but a lot of really fun single track too.  During the really thorny parts of the trail, Greg would run ahead and stomp down the raspberry bushes, so I wouldn't cut my legs on the thorns - that was so sweet.  Not a lot of country road running - which I wasn't expecting. I thought it would be more like the first few runs.  The Elora Conservation Area was the most confusing part of the trail because the blazes were hard to find in the campground. We passed a castle, a few abandoned buildings, and a flower stand outside a farm had some really pretty bouquets of flowers. I couldn't resist buying one for my mom :) a small thank you for watching the kids as we ran around the countryside today.

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