Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Grand Valley Trail End-to-End Report - Day 7 - August 28, 2017- Kitchener to Cambridge

Day 7 - Grand valley trail fun with Greg.  19.9k from Kitchener to Cambridge. The trail started on the road and we ran past many million-dollar estate homes, then an industrial area, then we got to the nicest part of the trail, some winding single track near Doon.  As we got closer to Cambridge, there was a bit of bushwhacking through a soy bean field (slowed us down at 16k), then some scary country highway running near the many gravel trucks hauling gravel from the nearby pits. Greg and I have each replaced at least 1 windshield because of loose gravel flying at us as we drive, I was paranoid that we'd get nailed as we were running.  But we ended at Dryden Tract!  Woo hoo!  Home turf now. The next section is the beautiful trails that we run on all the time. Dryden to Glen Morris. Looking forward to it.

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