Monday, 14 March 2016

Egg disappointment

On our first day home together for March break, Clara really wanted me to cook her hard-boiled eggs, so I happily fulfilled her request (a healthy food request is rare for Clara!)  So my two oldest girls were peeling their eggs at the table, and I asked my 2 year-old if she would like one.  She was VERY excited about it.  She said, "Yay Mommy!  Easter eggs!"  I thought the response was a bit extreme for a cooked egg, but who knows, maybe the babysitter has given her boiled eggs and she has really developed a liking to them.  Well, I proceeded to peel the egg and Tessa's expression turned to disappointment and then frustration.  "Mommy!  That's not chocolate!"  No it's not, and in Tessa's world all eggs are chocolate Easter eggs.  What a wonderful world - although she didn't get a chocolate egg today.  That's coming in the next few weeks.


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