Thursday, 17 March 2016

An entire day of painting with Ella

     The cast and crew of my school's production of Aladdin have been working really hard preparing for the performances in mid-April.  It was my turn to add my contribution - I designed the backdrop for the set.  Ella helped with the early stages of the drawing, and she was so excited to come with me on Wednesday and help paint the huge backdrop.  Ella, Allie (the super-talented teacher/director of the play), Missy, and myself came into the school and worked all day painting to get the backdrop done.  By 4pm we had finished.  5 minutes into our drive back to Cambridge, Ella was quiet, so I said, "Painting all day is exhausting eh?" I looked back, and Ella was sleeping :)  A fun day of us getting covered in paint, and making gigantic artwork together.  Loved it!

     The best part is- seeing it up will get everyone excited about the upcoming performances.  Good luck Aladdin cast and crew.  Can't wait for the show!

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