Friday, 31 March 2017

Mega Goose-sized Thank you for everyone who helped make the 2017 Dion Winter Goose Chase a success

 It's a few months late (sorry, I've had a busy Snowshoe racing season immediately following the race - you can read about that in a blog post coming soon - late as well, I'll catch up eventually), but I have been meaning to write this and send it out to thank everyone involved in making the Dion Winter Goose Chase Snowshoe Race such a success.

My Running Club the Cambridge Harriers  deserves a mother-goose-sized thank you for providing the majority of the race volunteers, the course marking materials, and the timing.  I would have had a tough time putting on the race without the help of my club.  Thank you so much.  I'm going to list the wonderful help that I received.  Huge Thank you to my Harriers!
Course/nature center set-up Greg, George, Jen, Alison.
Course Take Down/Clean-up - Kelly, Chris, Steve, Fran V,
Start/Finish  George, Wesley, Greg, Richard
Snowshoe fitters - Ray, Sarah, Jen
Child crowd-control- Joyce B
Marshalls/parking Warren, Jen, Doug, Sandy, Alan, Kelly, Nelleke, Rose, Meghan, Heather, Pat, Joyce V,
Registration Dianne, Michelle, Mirella
First Aid- Richard, Anita, Alison
Drone Pilot - Doug
Photographer- Thanks to Jason Mota for providing free race photos of every athlete - amazing!
Food Crew - Nelson, Fran, Sharon - that post-race food was miles above the usual stale bagel and half-a-banana.  Thanks for all the hard work.  It was absolutely delicious.
Providing course marking materials and promoting the race through social media - Tony Martin RD of Conquer the Cannuck Trail race weekend Also at Shades Mills Conservation Area.

Baden Coffee Company - Our coffee sponsor.  Thank you for providing us your delicious fresh-roasted coffee for the race and for draw prizes.  We got lots of complements about how tasty the coffee was.  Thank

 Carrier Budge Card Company- Thank you to illustrator (and runner) Holly Main for donating  gift packs of running -themed cards to the race. You're amazing Holly!
Dion Snowshoes - Thanks to the title sponsor of the Ontario Running series.  Dion Snowshoes provided the race a complete set of Dion Running Snowshoes as a draw prize for the race.  Also all rentals are Dion Racing Snowshoes.  The best Running Snowshoe out there. Thank you Dion!

 Grand River Conservation Authority - Thanks to Shades Mills Conservation area superintendent Brian Hunt and Andrew Jamieson for all your hard work at Shades Mills to prepare for and support the race.  Always very helpful and easy to work with, thanks for the warm welcome to your park.

 Zon Engineering- Thank you for the financial donation.  It helps a ton with a first-year race, when we weren't sure if we were going to break even.  Thanks for taking some stress away, and for
supporting the race.  Thank you Zon Engineering!

 CLIF Bar - The people at CLIF bar were wonderful in supporting the race with not only full-sized CLIF Builders protein bars for all runners in their race kit,  mini CLIF bars available at the food table,  and packages of CLIF Zbars as draw prizes but they also provided the age-group award prizes of drawstring bags full of CLIF bar goodies for all the winners.  It was fantastic.  The photo below shows the kind of support I receive from CLIF - Those boxes were stacked taller than me!  The people at CLIF are fabulous.  Thank you so much for your generous support.

Running Room- Thanks to Ed Mark for setting up the start/finish inflatable banner and for all the support for the race.  Running Room provided the online registration, the race insurance, and several generous gift cards for draw prizes.   Thank you Running Room!

Spafford Health and Adventure - The Goose Chase Snowshoe Race was the third race in the Dion Ontario Snowshoe Running Series coordinated by Derrick Spafford of Spafford Health and Adventure.  The website and online promotion was through Derrick at SHA.  Also, Derrick guided me through my rookie year as a snowshoe race director, answering my many questions.  Thanks D!  The rental fleet of snowshoes came from SHA.  SHA also provided many draw prizes and goodies for the runners too!

I feel really lucky to be involved with such a generous bunch of people. Thank you so much!