Tuesday, 19 July 2016

So much relief 6 years ago today


   6 years ago today was a surprise day full of relief, and lots of joy.  My middle daughter was born a month early after a very quick labour and delivery.  My pregnancy with her was challenging.  During early pregnancy, a very large hemorrhage formed between the uterine wall and the placenta - which threatened to detach the placenta. This led to me being on bedrest for 3 weeks, then restricted activities for the remainder of the pregnancy.  When the problem was first diagnosed, the odds were not great for the baby's survival, and I prayed and prayed that she would be on the positive end of the odds.   I was so grateful that she managed to keep growing, and remained healthy despite her placenta being threatened.  Even though the placenta stayed attached, the doctors spoke about an increased risk of premature delivery and were monitoring me closely.  The longer she stayed in, the better.  I was hoping to get to my due date of mid-August.

   On that hot Monday in July at 36 weeks, I noticed that I was having some cramping.  I called the doctor on call at the hospital and let him know.  He said that it was hot (and that was probably causing the cramps), and not to worry until the cramping starts to form a pattern.  I was noticing these cramps on and off all day, but they were really spaced apart and not too painful.  My sister-in-law was overdue with her baby at the same time, and she kept going to the hospital in false labour and getting sent home, so part of me thought that I was just hearing her stories, and having false labour too.

   Greg finished his workday, we had a bite to eat and I said that we should go to the hospital to just get checked out.  So we dropped our oldest daughter off with my parents and off we went.

   The next part of this story is a bit of a whirl wind.  Greg and I were sent to labour and delivery for an assessment and it was then that I learned that I was 8cm dialated and the baby was very low.  I panicked - the baby was going to be early, the doctor assured me that at 36 weeks, she'll likely need to stay a few days in hospital but odds are good that she'll be just fine (good odds this time - yay!).  The doctor broke my water at 7:16pm.  With 3 quick pushes -that I screamed through like you see in the movies:) my baby was born at 7:23pm.  She didn't cry and had some difficulty breathing, I held her for one quick photo, and she was whisked away to the special care nursery.  I told Greg to go with her, and I was left in the room, alone, suddenly not pregnant anymore and wondering how my baby was doing.  All in less than an hour after arriving at the hospital.  I made the phone calls to very shocked friends and family to let them know that my baby was here.  Then I wandered over to the nursery to see my baby - still in disbelief that she was actually here.  After months of worrying, July 19, 2010 was such a relief.  She made it, and when she was allowed out of the isolette, I would get to hold her.  Now, 6 years later, she's my spunky, strong-willed, passionate child who is such a joy to watch grow up.  Happy birthday sweetie!


  1. Happy birthday to Clara! (And such acute Portugal pic in there too :))

  2. Yep. I can't believe she's 6. It's crazy. Thanks for reading.

  3. Aw...so sweet to hear your story.

    1. Thanks Fran - you got the play-by-play when it was happening :)

    2. Thanks Fran - you got the play-by-play when it was happening :)

  4. I can't believe she was that big! And Inside you! Tough mama. Boy kids sure do give lot of headaches haha
    -guess who