Sunday, 5 June 2016

Adventure rooms - Team "If something goes wrong, we eat Greg first" report

     This afternoon I paid money to get handcuffed and locked in a room with a bunch of my closest friends.  Our task was to escape from the Adventure rooms - The Vault room by solving variety of logic puzzles that lead to a chain reaction of puzzle solving.  Eventually if you are successful, you will escape and  "Win".  Sharon had organized the challenge, and I found myself there this afternoon with Greg, Sharon, Ray and Sarah.  With a 20% escape success rate, I was skeptical going in, but we had a fantastic team that worked together very well.  Sharon thought up our team name while we were on a long drive last weekend, and it was fun announcing it to our team.  We were team: "If something goes wrong, we eat Greg first"

     I thought that I would contribute very little to this activity - I'm not really a logic-puzzle-code solving-type person, but there were a few elements of the game that I solved (I can't describe them - I was sworn to secrecy upon entering the room).  It seemed that we all had moments like that.  Adventure Rooms was a really cool experience that I would do again.  We did it - we escaped from Adventure Rooms, Kitchener's "The Vault" room....and we didn't have to eat Greg.

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