Saturday, 2 April 2016

Happy Birthday Greg!

   It's Greg's Birthday today.  He's giving a presentation at a green building conference, but when he gets home, he's going to enjoy his Birthday presents.  This morning, as I was running, our oldest daughter was working with Grandma and Grandpa to print off photos and arranging them to decorate his bulletin board in his home was so sweet, I included a photo below.  I made Greg a gift (a Hudson Bay-style quilt), and have a nice relaxing night planned (wine, cheese, movie, in front of a fire) for when he returns. I love this guy. Have a very Happy Birthday Greg!

Ella worked hard decorating Greg's bulletin board in his office

Greg's birthday quilt

Herman posing on the quilt - he jumped on it and made himself comfortable -within seconds of me laying it out.

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  1. Great work on the bulletin board, Ella! And nice quilt, Lisa! (Gotta love the photo of Herman laying on it, haha)