Sunday, 24 April 2016

Canadian Cancer Society Great Ride 'n' Stride for Aunt Brenda

Today was an amazing day.  Hundreds of people gathered at Conestoga College for the Canadian Cancer Society's Great ride 'n' stride to walk, run, or bike 5 or 10k.  My family and I were members of "Team Brenda", a team put together to support my aunt Brenda who is currently fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer.  I was astonished at the sheer number of yellow "Team Brenda" shirts running and walking for Aunt Brenda.  It was announced that we were the largest team at that location - with over 190 members.  Team Brenda also raised $13 580 for the Canadian Cancer society.  Aunt Brenda was there and she looked beyond-happy at the turn out.  We're hoping for lots of success with your next rounds of chemo, and for you to heal and be well in the years to come.  Lots of love to you Aunt Brenda!

Here's the local news coverage of the event - The Great Ride 'n' Stride part begins at 28:40, and there's a spot where you can see Greg (with a kiddo on his shoulders), at 29:48.  They do a really good interview with Aunt Brenda that really shows how positive she is about this whole experience.  Check it out here:


  1. Great post, Lisa! And thanks for sharing the video link (and photo)! Such an amazing turnout and a great day :)