Monday, 15 February 2016

Snowshoeing in Arrowhead Provincial Park in -27 degrees!

Whoa! It was cold this weekend.  Greg and I took the kids to Arrowhead Provincial park near Huntsville to enjoy some outdoor winter fun.  Well, it turned out to be WAY too cold to have the kids outside too long, but I did get to enjoy a very cold snowshoe run on Arrowhead's trails on Saturday afternoon.  The temperature was -27 degrees before the windchill.  I was wearing many layers, and I covered up all skin.  I even had dollarstore handwarmers (which worked wonderfully).  I didn't notice the cold at first.  The trails were very packed-down, but hilly.  I passed a few groups of people who were walking with snowshoes on, and they commented on my running in snowshoes.  I wanted to stop and explain that these Dion Racing Snowshoes are designed for running and if they were wearing these, that they could run too.  But it was very cold and I had to keep moving.  I loved running through the trails.  It was just beautiful.  I held an easy and relaxed pace and had a fantastic run.  I decided to stop the run at 48 minutes, as I approached my car. I noticed that my quads, hips and butt was pretty cold (only 2 layers there - I know to have more layers next time), everything else seemed ok.  I snapped this pic as I was getting ready to hop into the car to go back to the hotel.  That neck warmer is originally black :)

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