Thursday, 18 February 2016

Physio Graduation day

After some nagging knee pain lingered far too long, I got the injury diagnosed and started physio to try and heal and strengthen the injured area.  I have been going to twice-weekly physio appointments since early December.  Having been pain-free for two weeks, today was my last appointment.  Thank you very much Gopika and Kevin at Grand River Sports medicine in Cambridge for their awesome care and exercise routine.  It's so exciting going into my racing season without pain.  The healing process has been hard - there has been some ups and downs.  But I have had wonderful people on my side to keep me motivated and on track.  My coach Derrick Spafford has been wonderful and has adjusted my training to align with the doctor and physio therapists recommendations.  I also received Active Release Therapy from Dr. Dale Harrison at Coronation Chiropractic and Massage, and Naturopathic treatments from Dr. Sharon Rutledge.  I have been really lucky to have such a talented bunch of professionals working with me.  I'm at the point that's hard to imagine when you're dealing with an injury that's taking forever to heal and messing with your training.  I'm on the other side and very excited to be there.  That was such a test of my patience.  Glad its over.

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