Thursday, 25 February 2016

Hey Toothfairy, Funny story....

Clara had an exciting day at school yesterday.  She lost her first tooth.  The tooth has been wiggly for a week and she has been waiting anxiously for her chance to put it under her pillow for the toothfairy.  During lunch, she was enjoying her apple when she noticed that her wiggly tooth was missing.  She absolutely panicked when couldn't find her tooth. She was so upset when she realized that she had swallowed her tooth as she was eating her apple.  Her teacher Mrs. F jumped in quickly to calm her down.  She helped Clara craft a letter to the toothfairy explaining her situation, and why there wasn't a tooth to put under her pillow (thank you Mrs. F!).  Clara put the letter under her pillow last night, and the toothfairy gladly took it -I think the letter was better than a tooth anyway :)  Congrats Clara on loosing your first tooth in such a memorable way!

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