Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tessa... what did you put down the toilet?

   We're renovating our upstairs bathroom, and we have been relying on our tiny powder room on the main floor as our only toilet in the house.

   Last week, the toilet in the powder room started to flush differently.  It was all at the same time as Greg and his uncles were changing where some of the piping that was going to our upstairs washroom was, so I thought that it was because of that.  Then I started to hear rumbling from my older kids that Tessa had put something down the powder room toilet.

   So I asked my two-year-old Tessa if she flushed anything down the "big girl toilet".  She nodded and looked really guilty.  I continued to get information from her, asking what was flushed.  She then said, "I flushed my coelophysis down the big girl toilet.  It's gone Mommy!"  Hmmmm I was amazed by the fact that she named the specific, not-so-well-known dinosaur species that was caught in the plumbing.  It made me laugh and will soften the blow a little when I'm paying the plumber to go on a coelophysis search and rescue mission.

A coelophysis - we have one loose in our plumbing at the moment

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