Saturday, 7 November 2015

DIY Fidget Toy photo tutorial

I made a fidget toy for my daughter after some struggles at school with calming down when she was upset.  My daughter could hold the soft toy, and work the marble around the inside of the toy with her fingers as she re-focuses.  I explained what I was making to her, she chose the fabric - "snow tiger" or zebra polar fleece, and she watched as I made her fidget toy.  She was so excited to try this at school the day after I sewed it, and she proudly showed her teacher, who asked me for the pattern.  I thought I would post the easy-to-follow photo tutorial for teachers/parents who would like to make a fidget toy for their children.

2 - 6 1/2  inch squares of polar-fleece material (size doesn't have to be exact, but both pieces do need to be the same size)
1 -marble
1 -4 inch piece of coordinating ribbon
1) cut 2 - 6 1/2 inch squares of polar fleece material

2) place good sides facing in
3) fold ribbon in half, pin ribbon to the inside of the fabric (with edges sticking out)
4) Place a few pins to steady the fabric

 5) sew the outer edge of the fabric leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance - leave a 2 inch hole (to turn fabric)
6) snip excess fabric at corners
7) turn fabric
8) throw marble into fidget toy

 9) pin open edge closed, sew around fidget toy - moving marble if you need to

 10) sew the marble path by leaving an even  1 1/2 inch space for the marble to travel through.  I just zig-zag around the inner space of the toy.

 11) cut thread ends
12) give to your fidgety child :)

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