Thursday, 20 August 2015

Up the Fajazinha with Mom and Ellie

Saturday July 11, 2015  - My Mom makes sure to climb the Fajazinha at least once every time she travels to Santa Maria.  I was excited to join her on her Santa Maria tradition.  We decided to climb the mountain on a hot Saturday afternoon.  My 8 year-old daughter Ellie, really wanted to join us, so after asking many times if she was sure, and warning her that it's going to be a long climb, she insisted and came along.  I packed enough water and Larangada (a orange-fizzy drink that's very popular in the Azores) in my shoulder bag, and we were off.
The climb was challenging.  We took many breaks, but as we got closer to the top, Ellie was amazed by both the view of the beach community below (how small Granny's house was), and the "cliff cows" that were grazing along the steep cliffs.  We enjoyed our Larangada at the top of the Fajazinha, and made our way back down the mountain on the trails and later, the switchback roads.  A fun girls afternoon.  It's going to be fun to do this again in a few years when we come back.

Ready to start climbing.

Mom giving Ellie a pep talk

Cliff cows!

Mom's relatives used to use the leaves from this type of plant to weave baskets.

Taking a break on some shrub-chairs

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