Sunday, 2 August 2015

Running to the Highest peak on the Island - Pico Alto

July 10 - Greg and I ran the first part of the Pico Alto trail on the way to Anjos.  We parked at the trail head near the Pico Alto.  We ran up the first part of the trail to the highest peak on the island (587m), and this goregous lookout.  The sun was rising, so it was beautiful.  It's neat to see clouds under us as we look down.  You could see Santa Barbara (and my Grandmas little house) from the lookout.  These trails were the most runnable on the island.  They were wide and not very technical, although really soft and muddy.  The first part was a steep climb on roads to the peak. On the way down, Greg and I stopped at a trail-side memorial remembering the 150+ people who died when an Italian plane crashed into the mountain when trying to make an emergency landing in 1989.  We ran past two abandoned houses in the woods.  They looked like they were nice houses at one time.  Greg and I would live there :)  We continued down on the rolling trails to a little settlement called Cha do joao Tome and then ran back up.  Some parts of the trail were lush like running through a rainforest.    The trails in the deep woods were very rolling.  About 13k of just beautiful trails.

There was a National Defense sign on this building - reminded me of the buildings in "Lost" - covered with vegetation, in the mountains.

Memorial to the 1989 Italian air distaster

Yeah, a tree is growing out of that roof

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