Saturday, 1 August 2015

Running Santa Maria - Azores - Up the Fajazinha to Santa Barbara 8km

On July 4th, Greg and I ran up the Fajazinha trail to the top of the giant hill overlooking the ocean.  We enjoyed a great view of Sao Lourenco, and we could see my Grandma's tiny beach house from the top.  We wanted to explore the village of Santa Barbara - where my mom was born and grew up, we ended up passing the area that I recognized, and then we spotted my Grandma's other little house (and got photos of me in front of it, to show mom when we returned).  It was fun.  Very rolling terrain and we ran back down on the road...a very narrow, switchback-type road.  The run took us just under an hour.  It left us wanting to explore more of the trails around Santa Barbara.

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