Sunday, 2 August 2015

Running on the Costa Sul Trail near Villa Do Porto

July 8 - Costa Sul Trail starting at Villa do Porto to the Pria and back on the roads.  We had a lot of cow problems on this run :)
It was an awesome trail on the coast.  We got up early for this one, so the sun was rising as we ran.  At the beginning of the trail we found caves!  Lots of technical climbing and descending, along the coast.  We got to the end of the trail near the Pria, we turned around, and had difficulty finding the markers.  We got to a part where we were running through cow pastures, and we noticed a bull in the distance trotting in our direction.  It became obvious that the bull was running at us, and there was no easy way out of the pasture - so I army-crawled on my belly under a barbed-wire fence.  Greg followed, and we got some distance on the bull (who came right up to the fence mooing at us).  We gave up on finding the trail again (the bull messed that up), and we were running along narrow dirt roads in the direction of the Villa, and there was another cow blocking the road.  Greg and I didn't want to mess with it, so we had to take a longer detour to find a more travelled road.  But we passed some amazing scenery, a few windmills, and did some fun cobble stone running as we made our way back to Villa do Porto.  About 14k in total.

Climbing right from the trail head

We found caves!

In a cave on the trail.  Dark, damp, spooky - full of cavey-goodness.

Love the Dr. Seuss trees!

Not the bull that chased us - but we were keeping an eye on the crazy Villa do Porto cows

Cobblestone running in Villa Do Porto

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