Thursday, 20 August 2015

Running in Santa Maria - Entra a Serra e o Mar Trail loop

Sunday July 12, 2015- This was one of our favourite runs of the trip.  We ran the entire Entra a Serra e o Mar Trail loop - 9.5k, plus at least 4k of Fajazinha climbing and descending fun to get to and from the trail.  This trail takes you around the town of Santa Barbara, the little town where my mom was born.  It starts off passing the Church of Norte that overlooks the North Coast of the island.  It was clear so we could see the large island of Sao Miguel in the distance.
   We continued on the trail through a tunnel of trees leading to a few large climbs.  On one descent we got stuck behind a farmer moving his herd of cattle.  The dirt road was so narrow that we couldn't pass, and we were forced to walk behind the cattle until they got into town (and we could sneak by).  We didn't mind being part of the cattle-parade.  It caused us to take in the scenery - and it was beautiful.  The little clay-roofed houses nestled in the hills.  Very pretty.
   The trail wound around the town, and beside more fields, before it led us to red peak, a large red rock wall, hidden from the road. That was neat.  We made our way back down the Fajazinha and home. It was such a fun run.

Repeating Ellie's photo from yesterday

Ruins for sale

We could see the big island from here!

The church in Norte

So pretty!

Greg was very excited to see this - solar hot water tank heater

Approaching the herd of cattle - that we would get stuck behind for a k.

Santa Barbara - the little town where my mom was born

Love it - the cows are still on the road - we snuck by them soon after this photo was taken

Red Peak - awesome

and down the Fajazinha and home

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