Friday, 7 August 2015

Quilt for the happy couple - Jenn's getting married tomorrow!

I'm taking a break from posting pics of my running in the Azores, to post a few pictures of the quilt I made for Jenn and Blake.  I love working with fabric, colour swatches, and bold patterns, and love making things for people, so when I get the chance, I do a bit of quilting.  This quilt didn't take as long as it looks.  I chose to make a rag quilt, using the raccoon fabric as my colour palette.  I knew Jenn would enjoy the raccoons because I used a similar fabric for the quilt I made
for my nephew last year.  The nice thing about the rag quilt is, the more you wash it, the more puffy and freyed the edges get, and the cuddlier it gets.  Enjoy Jenn!

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