Friday, 14 August 2015

Getting ready for school lunches -sandwich bag-free

It's rainy this morning, so Ella and I decided to do some sewing.  She chose the fabric, and we made sandwich wraps for our lunches this year.  Hopefully we can eliminate the need for any kind of plastic sandwich bag, and it will save us the frustration of trying to match lids to bottoms when using plastic containers.  These are washable, and the inner (owl) side is laminated cotton (waterproof-ish).  I used the tutorial from this link

They turned out pretty good.  I added more velcrow on the outer-side (so smaller bagels fit better).  The nice thing about these sandwich wraps is they can be laid-out on the kid's desk like a placemat.  Now onto cloth snack baggies... that post is coming.

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