Sunday, 7 June 2015

My "world record" - Randy's Run race report

First of all - if you are a race director - THANK YOU!  You give a whole bunch of runners great experiences, and have to deal with a lot of stress.  Again, thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I run better because of the excellent races that I have participated in.  Give a RD a hug today :)

I know the race director of Randy's Run in Alliston last night learned a lot, and will do things much differently next year.

There were some issues with a complicated course design, insufficient course marking, and inexperienced marshalls that led to many runners being off course.  I was one of the rogue runners.  I ended up finishing my "10k" in 26 minutes - hey, a world record for the 10k :)  I'm guessing that I ran about 6k, but I'm not completely sure.  I was watching the finish line area, and at one point, runners were coming in from all directions.  Lots of confusion but oh well, it was a fun run, and I did have fun.

This is exactly where I got lost - oops

Most importantly though, the race raised a lot of money for the Stevenson Memorial Hospital foundation, the hospital where Randy spent his last days after the heart attack he suffered while running with his friend last June.  His wife Martha was grateful for the wonderful care Randy and the family received from Stevenson Memorial and wanted to give back.  The race was VERY successful in honouring Randy's kind and giving spirit and in remembering Randy.  I think Randy would have been laughing at the shanagans that happened during the event, and joking right along with us.  Hope you're enjoying lots of good runs in heaven Randy!

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