Sunday, 14 June 2015

A surprise costume contest win - for myself and Holly

It was Jenn Leskien's stag and doe last night.  Holly and I embraced the "Tight and Bright 80's" theme and ran with it.  I had a few items of clothing that went together perfectly for an awesome 80's costume- an MJ cutt-off sweater, and wild neon zebra 3/4 tights.  Holly pulled together a great outfit as well, and we gave ourselves side-ponytails and teased our hair.  We met Greg at the hall (who was setting up - being in the wedding party).  Greg was also in costume, sporting a mullet wig, and his groom's side t-shirt with his favourite 80's song on the back - see photo below.  We won a few raffle prizes and for a few hours I had the leading time in the female "who can hold the 12 pack of beer -with straight arms  the longest" contest, but another guest beat my time towards the end.  During the night Jenn had decided that she liked our costumes the best, and she awarded us best dressed.  Holly and I won a gift basket to share.  So much fun.  Congrats Jenn and Blake for a great event.  Can't wait for the big day.

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