Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Charlotte begins her 6 day World Throphy race in Hungry today!

My friend Charlotte Vasarhelyi has begun another 6 day world championship race this morning.  She is representing Canada at the EMU World Trophy 6 day Ultramarathon event in Balatonfurd, Hungry.  I will be following (and posting) her progress this week.  She hopes to better her distance from last year of 734km.  Amazing eh?!  All the best Char!  We're cheering for you here in Canada.

If you can't wait for my updates, you can follow Charlotte at this link:

Here's Charlotte, myself and Laurie at the top of one of the very large hills in the Lake District of England.  We climbed up to get a good view of the Canadian runners competing in the Commonwealth Mountain Running Championships - September 2009.

Celebrating after the closing ceremonies -  in a little pub somewhere in Keswick.

At 9 hours into the race Charlotte has run 77k!  Go Char go!  

31 hours in - Char is up to 199k!  Wow.

at 2 days 8 hours and 50 minutes - Char is at 290k.  Woot woot!

3 days 8 hours in, Char has run 407.  That's a lot of k's.  I'm amazed.

At the end of 6 days Charlotte ran a total of  571.7k.  That's such a long way.  I know Char was aiming for higher (she ran over 700 last year), but 571 is incredible.  I hope she's enjoying the rest of her trip in Hungry and visiting lots of family.  Congrats on a great effort Char.

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