Friday, 1 May 2015

A running cake for Jen!

   I belong to a very casual book club - well, you could hardly call it a book club, there is a book involved, but before this month, I haven't read the book of the month since sometime last year.  That doesn't matter, we use the book as an excuse to meet every month.
   May is Jen's birthday month.  I have used this opportunity to put my cake decorating skills to use - I have decorated dozens of kids cakes - some very random requests (e.g. "Meatlug" the dragon, and "Finn Mc Mistle" the car -thanks to Clara).  I like the challenge of making a fun cake, and it's the only way I'm putting my degree in Studio art to use at the moment.  I thought I would use our book club's book of the month - "The Terrible, wonderful reasons why I run long distances" by Matthew Inman as inspiration.  I recommended this book, and since most of the group runs, it was thoroughly enjoyed.  I frosted one of my favourite comic frames - page 86-87 in the book.  It shows the main character weighed-down by all the worries that he carries, then he sees his running shoes and in the next frame his worries have disappeared and he's running blissfully.  I took the picture below before I had finished frosting the entire speech bubble (there is some profanity, and children may read this blog).  But my book club girls will enjoy it - frosted true to the original comic :)
Happy Birthday Jen!

Jen's Birthday Book Club Cake - 2015

Sharon and Joyce's Birthday cake - in honour of our CAH fun. I love book club!

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