Thursday, 2 April 2015

Today Greg moves into a new age category

Today is Greg's birthday!  Not a milestone birthday, but if he were running in a race with 5 year age categories, he would be in a new one.  Happy 35th Birthday Greg!
Here we are after the Pelee Island half marathon last year.
Don't you love how Tessa has a hand on my large bottle of Pelee Island's finest?!
The beer fairy has already been around, and Greg has a choice of several craft beers to enjoy.  Greg has expressed a few birthday wishes - some time on his motorcycle this weekend, and a pair of my crocheted man-slippers (to replace the pair that he wore-through this year).  Both easy requests to give him.  I love this guy.  He is a wonderful husband and father, and he deserves to have a special day just for him.  Have a great birthday Greg!

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