Monday, 6 April 2015

Second best question ever

The best was when Greg asked me to marry him... in a cabin near Algonquin park on a warm evening in June, 2003.  Second best question ever - "Mommy can I run with you?"
Yesterday, on our car ride home from my family's Easter celebrations at my Uncle Joe's farm, Ella asked if she could run with me tomorrow.  I was surprised at the question.  Ella always jokes about being faster than me, and I jokingly challenge her to random races, but she was serious about wanting to go for a real run with me.  I said, "Of course."
She wanted to go to the track by our house.  I asked if she was sure - about the track - because there are many more exciting places to run, within minutes from our house, but she really wanted to run around the track with me.  So this morning, we went to the track, and ran a lap together.  It was nice.  When she runs, she has an effortless running style and seems to just float-along.  It makes me think that she will be quite fast with a little practice.  I'm not going to push though, I will wait for her to ask, and I will be there to encourage whatever she wants her running to become.

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