Saturday, 4 April 2015

Never trust Andrew with bunny ears

After my run this morning, I was devouring hot crossed buns at my favourite local coffee shop (the Grand Cafe), and chatting with my running buddies.  We talk about lots of things, but usually the conversation revolves around running (huge surprise right?!), well with Easter coming, there were a few people walking around wearing bunny ears.  It lead the conversation to pace bunnies at big races, that wear very similar bunny ears.  Andrew started joking about wearing fake pace bunny ears at his next half, and messing around with pacing - pretty much being a bunny-ear wearing PITA.

So if you're running a large half marathon and you're on pace to finish in 2 hours, and some guy flies by you in the last kilometer wearing 2:30 bunny ears.  Don't worry, it's just Andrew - and you should never trust Andrew wearing bunny ears.

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