Monday, 6 April 2015


Easter Sunday is a big event on my Mom's side of the family.  I look forward to any family gathering on this side for a few reasons - #1 the people are great, and when we get together, we always have a lot of fun. I have 10 cousins, and most have spouses and kids, so it's a large gathering with lots of interesting people to talk to.   #2 - my Grandma is an AMAZING cook.  She knows how to cook the best Portuguese foods, that have become my go-to comfort foods.  On this occasion she had roasted a delicious turkey (marinated in wine first), made a traditional Portuguese beef stew that Greg called, "the choice meat of the meal", and after dinner - her Portuguese sweet bread.  I could eat a loaf of that without a second thought.  Oh wow.  We ate well, the kids (11 great-grandkids) ran around and played on the farm, and we enjoyed our time together.  It was nice.  Thanks to Uncle Joe for hosting.  Here we are below, and there's Grandma with her turkey.

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