Sunday, 29 March 2015

Around the Bay 30k race report

So I'm back at home, a little less stinky, a little tired, and feeling pretty good about the race I just ran.  I traveled with 3 of my running buddies Anita, Joyce, and Andrew (along with Anita's husband Scott and their adorable baby Anna).  We had the usual pre-race nerves, but otherwise we were feeling excited about the race ahead of us.

Andrew and I have similar starting paces, so our plan was to stick together for the first 15k.  Hopefully to control my pace early on, so I could get a negative split.  That was the plan - sorry Andrew, I got squirrelly and had to increase my pace at around 10k.  Here's the breakdown of my race (with my 5k lap splits!!!)

Race start to 5k 24:38
Not being in a faster start coral, Andrew and I had to struggle to get a decent pace going, while dodging people of all paces.  We bobbed in and out of the crowd which was a challenge.  Andrew is amazing at finding a clear path - and I just followed his lead.  We felt good, and began to get a feel for our 5min/k pace towards the end of the first 5k.

5k-10k 23:52 - running time 48:35
Ha!  the part that stands out the most for me during this part of the race, was the flashing railroad lights.  When Andrew and I saw this, from a far, we panicked, thinking that we would be held-up as a train passes (this has happened to several of my running friends in past Bay races).  We surged to the train tracks - hoping to get across before the train - luckily no train was in sight, but it was fun to do a panick-pick-up.  At the 10k relay exchange, I was feeling like cranking out a faster 5k, so I said goodbye to Andrew and pulled away.

10k-15k 23:22 - running time 1:11:52
I put in my ipod, and cruised along to my favourite running songs.  My legs felt fresh and strong.  The course was pretty flat to this point so it was nice to be able to get my speed up a bit.

15k-20k 22:40 (whoa!) - running time 1:34:31
I didn't realize it at the time, but I had increased my speed a lot!  I felt great, and I think I was just so excited to be feeling good during a race again - it's been a while since racing has felt good - since the Pelee Island half marathon last June.  So I was feeling more confidence in my abilities and I was very happy to be racing.  Rolling hills started during this part of the race as well.

Half marathon split - around 1:39 - woot woot!

20-25k 24:20 - running time 1:59ish
More rolling hills, but nothing insane.  I was happy to see a time under 2 hours as I passed the 25k mark.  I started feeling more tired.  My legs felt heavier and less "springy" than they did for the previous 10k.  I was still cruising along and feeling good.

25-30k  25:10 oops there goes my negative split- although it felt like a similar pace as the other 5k's.  Finish time 2:24:10
This part of the race felt harder - closing in on the finish I wanted to be done, but I didn't redline.  I felt as if I was at cruising speed.  I enjoyed that last stretch as you can see Copps Colosseum and I really enjoyed finishing in the building in front of a bunch of cheering friends and family.  I happily wore my medal as I greeted Andrew, Anita and Joyce as they finished.  I was happy with my time, and my only-slightly-positive split.  A nice start to my 2015 racing season.

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