About Me

Here's some general stuff about me:

   I am married to Greg, and have 3 young daughters.  I grew up in and now live in Cambridge, Ontario.  I have been running since grade 9.  My math teacher was the XC coach and needed more female runners for the team.  I thought it might help my math mark  - I earned a 72 in that class (my highest highschool math mark).  I have been running ever since.  I have been a member of the Cambridge Harriers running club since 2000.  I earned my Honours BFA in studio art from York University, and my B ed from Brock University.  I teach grade 6 at Prince Charles school in Brantford.

And for fun, here's some more interesting information:

Two truths and a lie - I have been a competitive trampoline gymnast, I am afraid of elevators, I hate coffee.
Favourite flavour of Skittle - Red
Favourite Spice Girl - Scary.  I find all the Spice girls terrifying. She has an accurate name.
Number of Friendships ruined because I refused to play a game of Monopoly mercifully?  None so far, but Greg and I can't play Monopoly together anymore.
Favourite cookie - Oreo
Pets - Cat - Herman
The most unusual thing I have in my desk drawer - a pair of "5 finger" toe shoes.  I wear them once in a while when I'm running with the kids I coach at school.  It freaks them out a bit.
A cartoon character that is most like me - the explorer kid from "UP", he's driven, enthusiastic, helpful, and a bit naive.
What I do for fun - hang out with the family, run, have a cup of coffee or glass of wine with friends, make stuff for people
One thing that makes me different - I crochet and quilt like an old lady
If I was chosen as Miss World, my message for aspiring models would be - be the reason someone smiles today
A part of the body that I would get a tattoo done on - my next one will be on my ribs
Something I can't live without - my husband and kids, but several good cups of coffee a day is up there too.
Something I hate doing - telling people bad news
My pet peeve - drawers left open (or drawers closed with clothes sticking out of them)
One thing that drives me crazy - mean people
Would I rather be a giant rodent, or a tiny elephant - an angora rabbit

Would I rather be bitten by a radioactive spider, or a vampire - a radioactive spider.  I could handle the great power, and great responsibility.


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  3. Dear lisa
    Porutgul looks run on.
    love Ella

  4. Dear Lisa;
    You are the best. Sonja's mum

  5. So glad to see that you have been recognized for the athlete you are. You make us all proud. Sonja's mum

  6. Awe - Thanks Mom Kittelsen! You're wonderful. Thanks for putting up with me and Sonja as teenagers - that must have been fun :)